Self taught musician, photographer, producer, and artist Zac Farro wants to help others release music, books, and ideas into the world. Alongside friends and colleagues alike, Zac + Congrats, are here to groove. We will all groove together. 


Los Angeles, California 

The Beginning


While slowly falling in love with the palm trees, sunshine, and tacos of the west coast, Zac and team realized life is short. Take control of the things you make. Why not bind together friends, artists, collaborators alike, and begin standing together as a collective?? 

What began as a way to originally release HALFNOISE's 2016 breakthrough, Sudden Feeling, Congrats has now blossomed into an idea factory, record label, art collective, and more to come... 


Nashville, TN 

The Now


Currently focused on new music and videos being made. Congrats team is excited, inspired, and looking towards 2017,2018 and beyond on all sorts of eclectic and diverse projects of multiple mediums including music, films, music videos, books, clothing, and more! 




The Future {looking forward} 


This spring will prove to echo the natural landscape, as we have multiple new music releases coming out + clothing collaboration + events all through spring/summer. HALFNOISE will kick off the festivities with it's much anticipated new EP 'The Velvet Face' out March 24, worldwide. 

Much more music, art, and ideas coming out this year. 2017 is looking to be full of growth, creativity, and community. Cheers and Congrats!